Hello, my name is Coty!! Argentine by birth, but Spanish by adoption.

I have been dedicated to gastronomy since 2002 on the island of Mallorca, working in hotels, coffee

shops and exclusive restaurants.

Each one with its style and particularity,while I’m

gaining experience, I have started to look for my own way.

And this has led me to collaborate with catering companies, learning a new style of

work, whose values are similar to mine. Simplicity and authenticity.


Nowadays everything is invented and made up, from there I get the authentic thing to

return to the basic and natural that the island provides us.


Give an exclusive and personalized service  at clients households, creates other connections, that perhaps in

a restaurant at least it takes more than two hours.

In this way, it allows me to know the

tastes and preferences, and sometimes, even some personal anecdote of the people.


Once someone told me that "selling an experience" is more valuable than selling a

service, I believe that every moment is unique, I want you to have this time, with fresh products,feel at home and enjoy your time of rest and your loved ones.



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